Ottawa (Merivale)


Some projects may require the use of special materials. Techniques can be done on any pottery piece. Specific pieces are subject to each studio's availability. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Merivale New Year Wishes & Kisses

New Year Wishes & Kisses

Merivale Textured Trees

Textured Trees

Merivale Cozy Sweater Mug

Cozy Sweater Mug

Merivale Cozy Sweater Bowl

Cozy Sweater Bowl

Merivale Textured Plates

Textured Plates

Merivale Holly Dinner Plate

Holly Dinner Plate

Merivale Holly Bowl

Holly Bowl

Merivale Holly Salad Plate

Holly Salad Plate

Merivale Holly Cereal Bowl

Holly Cereal Bowl

Merivale Holly Tumbler

Holly Tumbler

Merivale Bird Orange

Bird Orange

Merivale Bird Red

Bird Red

Merivale Bird Green

Bird Green

Merivale Mushroom Container

Mushroom Container

Merivale Winter Fox

Winter Fox

Merivale Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornaments

Merivale Pink-Mas Trees

Pink-Mas Trees

Merivale Pink-Mas Snowman

Pink-Mas Snowman

Merivale Pink-Mas House

Pink-Mas House

Merivale Pink-Mas Church

Pink-Mas Church

Merivale Fashion Doll Heels

Fashion Doll Heels

Merivale Make Up Tray

Make Up Tray

Merivale Rollerblades Mug

Rollerblades Mug

Merivale School Banner

School Banner